Sergius &
525 AD

Also known as "Little 
Hagia Sophia",  this 
domed church was part of the imperial palace complex. It has one of the last entablatures, but the classical proportions are gone.  You can see the shape of a Corinthian capital blank before the leaves are carved.  Acanthus motifs were just drilled into the shape. This photo is colorized to make the residual classicism more apparent. Carving even more crude than Studius.  
acanthus motif
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Photo: From Krautheimer's "Early Christian and Byzantine Architecture" digital restorations in the cornice 

Cast of the cornice and frieze of the Temple of Vespasian, c. 90 A.D. Rome:  
Note the Sergius and Bacchus carvings have the same basic elements, but with differing proportions. (René Seindal)